Storytime Station

So please, oh please, we beg, we pray,

Go throw your TV set away,

And in its place you can install

A lovely bookshelf on the wall.


Roald Dahl


What people are saying about Storytime Station!

"You have a true gift.  Storytelling is an art."


"She didn't have pictures, but I could see the stories in my head.  I wish she could come back again!"

                                      1st grader


"You were so expressive!"

                                      2nd grade teacher


"I liked the story about the mouse deer.  Can you tell us another one?"

                                      1st grader


"Phenomenal show...just excellent!

                                      Special Ed. teacher


"I was watching the kids as you talked.  Their mouths were open and their tongues were out.  You had them from the word go.  Fantastic!"



"I was totally into your story.  I was laughing out loud!"

                                       P. E. teacher


"I painted pictures of the stories in my head like you told us.  It was cool!"

                                       3rd grader


"You had the students' attention from the very beginning.  They never took their eyes off of you.  Great job!"

                                        4th grade teacher


"I think your stories are funny!"

                                         2nd grader


"The shows were wonderful and the material was well suited to each grade level.  I will be recommending you to the other librarians!"



"Can you come back tomorrow?"


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